If only

If only I could tell you what I feel,
Childlike secrets and frivolous dreams.
I would ask you to ignore what you know of me,
Walk besides you along the violent sea.
Then keep my heart on your hands to see,
If only I could tell you what I feel.

If only I could tell you what I feel,
You would know that I’m not so steel.
Never had I wished to be so lone,
But lost to fears, and would silently moan.
Hoping you would know the silent me,
If only I could tell you what I feel.

If only I could tell you what I feel,
Empty my soul in you and put a seal.
Whispers of my cries would awaken you all night,
But dawn would rewrite us and recite.
Born again I would manifest like never before,
Tell the world what I always bore.
If only I could tell you what I feel,
If only I could tell you what I feel.


Beyond the chaotic and noisy fields,

Stood the lofty mountains with memories concealed.

They had cradled her for years,

during times of happiness and tears.

Carefree days with smiles and sunsets,

evening walks with friends and beloved.

The sky was endless like her mother’s chuckle,

the wind consumed her like  that lover’s cuddle.

Yet seasons witnessed restless days and nights,

apprehensions on exhorbitant heights.

Fashion, fiesta and luxurious life,

took her to city’s compulsive strife.

Beyond the mystic mountains and wilderness,

she stands amidst her fears and remoteness.

Waiting for that saviour dawn,

that’ll take her back to those abandoned lawns.

I love the colours at twilight because they have so much to say,

Slowly and skillfully darkness engulfs them like a prey.

Some condemn it for maligning saffron with grey,

But I appreciate it for its uncanny play.

For the morning comes with brighter colours sharpened by the night before,

The city bathes in yellow, vibrating on the grassy floor.

But what if dawn unveils clouds laden with thunder and light,

With signs of sunshine nowhere in sight.

Well, that’s work in progress my dear,

As darkness works with its spear, till the right time is near.


Up at the stars I gaze and see, so many stars that shine in spree.

On narrow lanes I see them again, cloaked in scars singing songs of pain.

Some without money and some with deformity, some without morale and some with deformity.

Separated by mountains of race, caste and creed, united by rivulets of desire, want and need.

You and I together called we, are running a race with no end I see.

Up at the stars I gaze again, thinking of a way to end the game.

You and I and so many we, are tiny little stars I believe.

We’ve lost our ways on sands of time, not just our ways but also our shine.

A star’s abode lies up, in the heaven’s compound, only meagre pebbles adorn earth’s ground.

Let’s halt for a minute this raging ride, close our eyes and look inside.

Your heart knows all the ways, for once just listen to what it says.


It all started with exchanging glances, Cupid’s arrow shattering all nuances.

Love travelled through veins and vessels, bathed in ecstasy, my heart throbbed in a hustle.

Defeated by desire, I rose and looked around,  saw Elysian fields floating on earth’s ground.

Just as I was about to surrender to Cupid’s blow, arrived hard-nosed Lady Reason, set to question in a row.

Grey-haired and wrinkled she, knew all that a man could ever be.

“Pristine Precious, you’re a novice in love, let me take you through a reality probe.”

“What if love is a mere mirage, and his feelings a camouflage?

What if future taps him into adultery and lust, unenchanted with your youth in rust?

Tomorrow is a mysterious passage, what if his expectations are a hefty baggage?”

I dazed at her, confused and baffled, wondering whether love could be my chapel.

Should I surrender to Reason’s will or give Cupid a chance to kill?

Reason had experience and Reason was rational but Cupid’s blow was insanely sensational.

His eyes had spoken a thousand words, ‘Be mine’ was all I heard.

Reason narrated stories where love had failed, ‘Be mine’ was all I heard.

“Love could make you a caged bird”, ‘Be mine’ was all I heard.

Amidst the chaos, my vision blurred but ‘Be mine’ was all I heard.

All my life, I battled love to avoid the inflictions of this brutal dove.

But sometimes there’s pleasure  in pain and insanity in the sane.

Abandoned  Reason and chose to astray, because this time love will rule come what may!